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Why our Industry?

It is well know that the restaurant industry is considered by most to be a risky business. We don’t see it that way. As our economy has fully shifted to a service economy, our business is positioned well in many regards. Our country no longer makes “things” and the cubicle forests are moving over seas and not coming back.  

There is not one thing that we do or sell that can be produced and shipped over from China.

There are more college graduates than ever joining the hospitality industry as their career.  The Great Recession has created a more thoughtful and purpose-driven population and many folks are now chasing meaning over title and money. They want to create, serve and do something that is meaningful. 

We get paid to make people happy and provide them with a setting to experience joy, connection, appreciation, comfort and nourishment for the body and soul. Other than saving lives and teaching children, what is a more noble and fulfilling way to make a living?  

Everyone has to eat and the consumer is becoming more and more conscious of the food they consume from origin, production and to nutrition. 

More than ever, those who have discretionary income seek escape and a third place in their life to connect with other humans beyond the home and workplace.  

The longest we have to wait for cash-flow is three days from American Express. We don’t have to chase money and that is a beautiful thing.

Why Us? 

Because we give a shit. Our primary ingredient to success is attracting people, for example, who are nice, well-intentioned and simply give a shit. We can’t teach these intangibles and want to be around and work with good humans. 

It is our purpose as a company to provide the environment, culture and growth opportunities for you to be YOU, thrive and earn your trust. 

Are you established and hesitant to start at the bottom of our totem pole?  To us, merit trumps seniority.

Are you saying, “I’m not qualified to work for them?” We do value experience, but more so we value desire over a resume.

Is this a bunch of BS?  Only one way to truly know. So for now, I would rely on hearing from the folks already working with us.  Meet Our Peeps

To understand more of what we mean by “good human”, browse through Why We Exist. If this resonates with you, let’s chat. 

Are You A Fit?

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