At Unsukay our purpose is to make people feel good and to make our community a better place. Since 2005, we have worked to do just that by putting family first: family at each of our restaurants; family with our loyal diners; family within our company. Our bottom line is that people matter most.

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Everyone who comes through our doors to work at Muss & Turner’s, Eleanor’s, Local Three, Warhorse Investments, or MTH Pizza has the opportunity to develop their skills and grow in FOH and BOH. The best part? You’ll cultivate your career while surrounded by funny, talented, and caring colleagues.



Muss & Turner’s
 FOH Manager  |  Grill Cook  |  Server  |  Bartender

Local Three


MTH Pizza

Pizza Cook  |  Line Cook  

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“I chose to work for Unsukay Restaurants for the opportunity for growth and development, and their continued support of the restaurant community in Atlanta. Also, who doesn't love a group of guys that loves cultural food as much as I do.”

Jimmy C.
Director of Operations for Unsukay
"I love working here because everyone is very nice and easy to work with."

Oscar M.
Cook at Local Three
“I love working at Unsukay because I never go a day without laughing and it immediately felt like home. Everyone is family to me.”

Wynne S.
Server at Muss & Turner's
“It is honestly like a big, crazy, dysfunctional family, in the good way though. Just a giant motley crew of people who really do care for one another. If I need a ride, or a tow, or help with some sort of emergency, I know there's at least a dozen people who would have my back. That is more than just "co-workers", it really is like a weird little family.”

P.J. S.
Server at Local Three
“Out of all the companies I have worked for, you can tell that the owners and management of this company truly appreciate everyone that works for Unsukay! They understand how to help us take better care of our guests and make this the best place I have ever worked.”

Christian B.
General Manager at MTH Pizza
“Because they support me in the pursuit of my dreams of being an Actor. In whatever way they can, they will and do support that dream.”

Kraig D.
Bartender at Eleanor's
"Would you like to work for a group of fellows that genuinely care for their employees? Would you like to work with like-minded staff in a family atmosphere whose goal is to provide the absolutely best food and service experiences to their guests? Well that’s what I have done for 16 years and loved every minute. I encourage you to join the family. You won’t leave either."

Eleanor S.
Office Manager & HR
“They allow you to grow with them.”

Lindsay F..
General Manager at Muss & Turner's
“I like working here because unlike most restaurant industries, to be considered as an individual not just an employee is an amazing feeling.”

Nate R.
Prep Cook at MTH Pizza
"I love working here because I enjoy making family meal for my coworkers."

Evererado J.
Cook at Local Three
"It's nice to have a job where everyone is friendly and I can continue to learn."

Miguel M.
Cook at Local Three
“The leaders of this company take great care in determining how to best utilize the talents and skills of staff members. They are always looking for input and feedback on how to improve day-to-day operations and overall business goals and strategies.”

Emma B.
PR & Marketing for Unsukay
“Unsukay is loyal to their employees by providing a healthy working environment with a hard working family who all have a passion for food. Our community is very supportive and we thank them every day for that.”

Carly M.
Server at MTH Pizza
"I've learned so much working here! Cooking here can be crazy at times but, this is easily the best restaurant environment I've ever worked in. Unsukay genuinely cares about us!"

Tim S.
Line Cook at Muss & Turner's
“A warm and wonderful company will draw warm and wonderful people. I have fun working here and I’ve learned so much about good food. The passion for quality is contagious! I’m proud to tell people where I work, so they can experience the excellence and care that is put into the food and hospitality here. ”

Ronalda T.
Server at Muss & Turner's
“I enjoy working for Unsukay because management is amazing and caring towards the employees. They treat us as an extension of their families.”

Alex B.
Line Cook at MTH Pizza
"Sure I complain about work just like the next person I'm human, but whenever life outside of gets a bit insane for me Local 3 has proven to be dependable at every turn."

Brittany G.
Line Cook at Local Three
“I like working for this company because the owners are within reach. I can talk to them when I need to.”

Doug C.
Server at Warhorse Investments
“Because I feel safe in this company and everyone is friendly. I feel like family. A very nice job.”

Juan C.
Dishwasher & Prep Cook at Muss & Turner's
“The culture, the environment, the creative freedom and the possibilities.”

Remy S.
Sous Chef at Muss & Turner's
“I like working at Muss and Turner's because there is always an opportunity to grow and learn more. Everyone is enthusiastic about sharing what they know about food and drinks and that helps everyone to be more prepared for service.”

Tyler B.
Digital Marketing Coordinator
“The team and our guests are the reasons. The guests are amazing and the team really cares for one another. Best of both worlds.”

Abbie W.
Server at Local Three
“As soon as I started working at MTH, I felt instantly welcomed by everyone. It’s been a great environment and a really good learning experience for me.”

Dylan C.
Server at MTH Pizza
“Teamwork! The teamwork here is unlike any I have seen in all my years in this industry! Truly like a family the way everyone helps each other.”

Lauren B.
Service Manager at Muss & Turner's
“For me, it was the sense of feeling like I was home and not just another number like other large companies. The ability to learn something new every single day, the creativity. The chef driven kitchen with the hierarchy. This is only my 2nd culinary job but it has been my greatest experience within a kitchen by far. The team that works and cares for each other. .”

Mike B.
Sous Chef at Muss & Turners
“I have never worked for a company that cared about their staff like Unsukay does. For the most part, everyone gets along with each other very well. Every time I walk into work, I am always happy to see who I will be working with for the shift. I can genuinely say that I have told multiple people about how thankful I am to be working for this company, especially when Covid hit.”

Tricia D.
Bartender at Eleanor's
“The ownership truly cares about and respects you. They get to know you on a personal level and never ask you to do something that they would not do themselves.”

Erik E.
Bartender at Eleanor's
"I love my job because I have great coworkers, and the partners make sure to take care of us in hard times."

Oscar A.
Cook at Local Three
"Why do I love working at Local Three? Simple, it’s refreshing. I appreciate the freedom of expression allowed while still maintaining the highest level of professionalism. The owners get it. And that’s what makes Local Three a “refreshing” work environment."

Christian W.
Bartender at Local Three